Mikaela, Tanner, and Jenna met in college and in between camping in Big Sur, road tripping around the Balkans, and listening to a LOT of political podcasts said, “hey, let’s start a media company?”

We’re mostly in it for the fun group chat and “HQ” Spotify playlist.


Mikaela Ryan

“Can you tell I’m homeschooled?” is Mikaela’s underlying angsty question, her true identity belied by one-too-many Little House on the Prairie references.

Originally from Santa Barbara, CA, Mikaela recently packed an entire Marshalls nightstand in a suitcase (yep) and moved to DC for the exceptional weather. When she’s not trying to maintain a mirage of control via extensive Evernote list-making, she’s chronically listening to Enneagram podcasts, obsessing over AirBnB listings, and communicating ideas with beauty.


Tanner Begin

Growing up with a reiki master as his mom and a cheap beer drinking football coach as his dad, Tanner didn’t quite know where he fit in. That is, until he found politics.

Ultimately, Tanner took a path that was a far cry from his parents’ paths. Not in spite of them, but rather because of their encouragement to develop a sense of individuality. Tanner became the first person in his family to go off to university and he graduated in 2018 with a degree in international politics. He is deeply obsessed with China’s longterm geopolitical strategy and Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups. If you ask him what those two things have in common, he’d probably be able to give you something, because, like every good politician, he’s a great bullshitter.


Jenna Catalon

Jenna is a coffee-loving, overalls-wearing CA-to-DC transplant who also happens to be the Creative Director of Hey Mira.

She does the social media thing for her day job (follow @dcfray *shameless plug*), and she's currently trying to navigate the wild waters of being a young, idealistic professional. One day, she'll change the world. For now, she's just trying to ace the (vegetarian) meal-prep game first.